I have this girl that I really like for 2 years but I don’t have the courage to confess what I feel. in the year 2018, I confessed for the first time but I got denied, then we became friends.. close friends as in close na close. then recently we started talking every time of night and day. I don’t know but we started talking deeply, opening feelings. then there’s random I love yous and I miss yous which is very weird because this is the first time she said them to me. every night, may I love yous and I miss yous before going to bed. I don’t know, something’s different this time. this girl is the best girl I’ve known. my feelings for her became greater, I know I love her because I just want her to be happy genuinely and I know I am at my best since I just been in one relationship that lasted 7 years, and its been 2 years since the break up. and it’s because of her how I managed to move on and be happy and contented. I love her and I don’t know if I need to confess or just remain friends.