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To my right love at the wrong time,

I still can’t believe that just one snap, God take you away from me, one snap and i am no longer yours and you’re no longer mine, but little did i know that i was never yours and you’re never mine because we’re God’s. As the day passed I am accepting the most heartbreaking reality. I wonder why God allow this to happen, I wonder why God break our hearts into little pieces, but He answered and I know that He’s doing that things to let us grow.

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Thank you for allowing me to know more about you, for allowing our past friendship to go deeper, We may have been so comfortable with each other. Thank you for telling me the things that I am afraid to tell and accept to my self. Thank you for uplifting me in times of sorrow. Thank you for turning a cloudy day into a golden sunshine. Thank you for understanding me by the times that i’m so annoying haha, Thank you for loving me harder especially at my bad days. Thank you for letting a sun shine into my rainy and cloudy life. You where my classmate back then, and I don’t had an idea that the man that I ignore before, the man that I don’t find attractive is the man who meant the world to me. Thank you for giving me your purest love, for treating me right, for being supportive and understanding, for patiently dealing with my mood swings. I learn to adjust and to control my temper, Hear you out before I conclude.

Thank you for letting me enjoy this precious life of mine, a precious life that God has given me. You’ve been there when times get tough, when I’m sad, happy, blessed and especially when I needed someone to talk to, but little did i know that I needed to grow my relationship with Christ before I start creating a relationship with you.

We were not in a relationship but we’re acting like we were in, I wonder what I let God feel about it. Love, It’s wrong, It’s not right. It’s not right that I’ll let someone in my life without God allowing that person, I am growing my love for you yet I need to grow my faith in Him.

I need to wait, You need to wait, and We need to wait. And if you’re the one who’s willing to wait for the right time, I hope you’re also the right man for me at the right time.

We have priorities, limitations, and boundaries. It might be so hard but God let it happen because He knows that we can.

We decided to end our relationship, a relationship that never been started, we want the best for each other and I hope God planned that we are His best for each other. It is hard and it hurts to accept what happened and to accept our fate, but I am slowly accepting it and letting it go and letting God take it.

My love, I pray that someday when the time is right, We can travel do long drives and build our family and serve God. When the time is right, there’s no separation, Only death and God can set us apart.

I believe everything will soon fall into its own rightful place and rightful time. Let’s not run away to Jesus, even though we don’t understand what He’s doing. Let’s grow separate and pray for the time to let us grow together.

I’m afraid someday you’ll find someone, someone who will bring you joy and laughters, someone who will wipe away your tears, someone who will complete your heart’s missing piece, and you may not see me as that someone, I hope you find me as the right one.

I pray that the Lord will prepare my heart to the man that you have become. I have been praying for you, and I know that in God’s right time , we will meet each other. In the meantime, I would like us to grow well in the Lord. I pray that the Lord will guard our hearts and secure them in His mighty hands. I pray that the Lord will keep us pure in His sight. There might be so much temptations between us but the Lord is faithful to keep us. And when the time is right, we will be thankful to the Lord for bringing us together. Then our black and white worlds will turn into a wonderful rainbow. I know by loving the Lord first before me, you would be able to love me purely and unconditionally.

I’ve been doing this letter days ago and I really don’t know where and how to start but then everyday I’m working on it so it turned out this so I hope you appreciate and understand this little letter of mine for you. I have loved you and I will continue to love you but let us grow first, I hope you are doing well with the Lord. I hope you are patiently waiting, too. Goodbye and thank you!

From the woman who have love you at the wrong time.

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