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Slowly, her heart is breaking.

Slowly, her tears are falling.

Slowly, her mind is thinking,

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what if she didn’t believe in risk-taking?

Maybe, at this moment she is not suffering.

You knew you are the one she desires.

But her little heart is already tired.

Desiring you gives her more pain.

A pain in which she WAS determined to obtain.

But slowly you are breaking her to pieces.

Slowly, you are sucking all her happiness.

Until she found out she’s been emptied.

For loneliness and sadness took her to darkness.

Please take it slow for she’s never been hurt like this before.

Please take it slow ’cause she can’t take it anymore.

She did everything she thought she could.

Maybe today will be the day that she will set herself free.

Slowly, she will give up go.

Slowly, she will forget about you.

Slowly, she will move on,

And slowly, she will let you go alone.

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