To the woman who chose to love the wrong person,


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To the woman who chose to love the wrong person,

I know it’s difficult to understand that a person is not meant for you.
That you can never tell someone to love you the way you want to be loved, that you can never teach a person to feel the same way that you do, and that you can never stop the world’s most constant thing. Change. There once was a day that you felt you were the luckiest person since the person you love, loves you back. Yet, now, here comes the day that you feel neglected and unwanted because the person who once loved you to the moon and back, just realized that the love he had for you was never enough.

Everyone gets tired, indeed. But does a loving heart do too?
This question may go round and round your head. But the answer will always be, Yes. Yes, that person got tired. And yes, that person doesn’t feel the same way anymore.

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Things change like the seasons. Spring came and now gone. The blossom of the relationship curled down. The hot scorching summer feels of the relationship passed by and the love withered just like the leaves fall from the trees in autumn. Winter is here. The blanket you once shared is absent. You need to learn how to wrap yourself up and get through the cold for no one will be there for you. So, take time to hibernate and hope that Spring will come again soon.

Warm hugs,
From the woman who chose to love the wrong person

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