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I always believe that, every day is a concrete struggle of finding and fulfilling our own HUNGER and EMPTINESS. We continue to venture out in the woods so that we can find and satisfy what is missing in us. Yes, we all have our own perception about this thing, probably based on our own experiences in life–past or present. I am proudly acknowledging it, that, right in this moment I am experiencing that HUNGER and EMPTINESS in myself. And I know that, even you and our closest friends, family members, students, classmates, enemies,colleagues, etc., feels the same way too. It is not something to be ashamed of but it is something that we need to be aware. Acknowledging it is not a sign of weakness but a definite sign of bravery. It is all about braving to fight the wolves inside of us and along our way. It is all about deciphering the trail under the dead leaves and twigs. For those who are experiencing EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL HUNGER AND EMPTINESS, please don’t forget to take a leap of faith and courage. We are with you fighting the same battle! 

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