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Ever since that moment when God has willed our paths to meet, you became someone that I could never forget. Day and night, you are the one that my heart will never tired to talk about.

Yes, I can still remember that first day—in picturesque detail. I always get reminded of the sequences of what happened. I never know the reason why, but I am sure that you are someone special. No wonder why you have never left my mind.

Since that day, I have been denying these feelings all along. I am terrified that you will run away and never ever talk to me again. I scared that you will reject me outright. Late I realized, that all these acts had led me to fall deeper into you. Ironic, wasn’t it?

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Unexpectedly, you became someone that I could not live without. It is as if you are not only the sunrise that motivates me to get up each day; but also the sunset that I will always look forward to. You remind me that everything is beautiful then. Twenty fours could not be considered as a day, if such does not necessarily include you, or have you necessarily included in it.

You are the Polaris in my life. I see God in you—constantly. You gave my life direction. At times when I don’t know what to do, you kept me anchored and rooted in Him. Your smiles remind me of God’s goodness and faithfulness. You always tell me that I will never be lost—for He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You always instill in my heart that my existence will always have its purpose and meaning, and nothing will undermine such fact nor take it away.

You have brought radiance, especially during the darkest and demeaning moments I have encountered. The colors you brought exceed any rainbow’s spectrum. With you, everything becomes magnificent entirely. Your luminescence will always tell me that God is in control, and I got nothing to be afraid of.

I would never regret over falling in love over the littlest details that you have—even your quirks, pet peeves, and imperfections. Those never dissuaded me. Rather, they challenged me to know you more and accept you for who you really are.

Despite your weaknesses, you are the strongest of them all. You strengthened my faith in ways that I could never imagine. You are a blessing in my existence.

Grateful to God that in you, I have found my prayer-friend. Indeed, to have that special someone who prays for you surpasses what this world could possibly offer.

People from north, east, west, and south have been asking me if when should I let you clearly of your significance in my life. They warn me that I would just be ignored and left for granted eventually. Simply put, that you are way out of my league.

Anxieties blur my mind sometimes. I often have the gut feeling that you already got somebody else waiting for you. Not only that, it seems that you had both begun drafting the future plans with each other. These visions can keep me crippled. I got nothing else to do but weep—until midnight.

Nonetheless, I will keep on trusting Him. I know that He is in control. Everything is still under His divine inspiration and direction.

Similarly, I never want to induce any kind of rush or pressure in your mind right now. I never want to be a distraction in your life, under any circumstance. You have your respective plans to carry out and dreams to fulfill; and I got mine as well. Maybe, we should allot our foci to these right now, and letting God pave the way and future for each of us. He knows what is the best for us.

In spite and despite it all, and in case you miss it, always know that I would be here: patiently persistently waiting. You will never become a lost sheep. When God wills it in His time and way, I will never have second thoughts but to keep on pursuing you. Remember that you will always be loved, and accepted as you are.

Dearest Polaris, always remember that you will always be loved, and accepted as you are. God bless!

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