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You can choose your partner or spouse but your kids can’t do that—so make a good or the best choice for them.

How painful it is na marinig mo sa anak mo or magiging anak mo yung mga salitang, “bakit kasi ikaw pa yung naging magulang ko? Bakit ako pa yung naging anak mo?”

It’s painful for sure and disrespectful.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

As a parent or future parent, you are responsible. Kung paano ka naghanda sa pagiging magulang, kung paano mo aalagaan at palalakihin ng maayos yung magiging anak mo.

Maraming romantic and good partners or bf/gf sa relationships. Responsible, caring, loving, thoughtful, desirable, and expressive of their love towards you. You can say that he/she is the best.

Yet, can be incapable of and uncommitted when it comes to marriage and parenting.

And who wants a broken marriage? Who wants a broken family? Who wants a rebellious child? Who wants to be in an obligation by an unwise—unanticipated decision?

However, kahit anong wisdom at pointers pa ang ma encounter mo—it’s always up to your standard and preference and ego.

May we find the right one as we make ourselves the right one.

Know the person you want to create your future with—as you also grow up yourself to be with.


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