Thank you for tearing my self built walls down.

Thank you for taking courage in the risk of pursuing me.

Thank you for asking our God for me, and thank you for bringing me back to Him each time I forget who I am.

Thank you for waiting and for enduring everything for me.

Thank you for always reminding me that I’m His princess and for showing me how a princess should be treated and valued. You’ve shown the love that I almost don’t believe that exist.

You’re the reason why I thank God for all my ‘almosts’ before.


I almost don’t believe that there’s someone for me but thank you for holding my hand and making me believe in love again.

Thank you for seeing me in the eyes of grace despite of my failures and doubts.

Thank you for embracing all my scars and flaws.

Thank you for being a lover and a best friend at the same time whom I can be comfortable in showing my most vulnerable self.

Thank you for believing even if most of the time, I can’t even believe in myself. You’re my answered prayer.

You’re my worth the wait.

You’re my God-given.

You’re my prince.


I’m so excited to face our unknown future celebrating God’s faithfulness and grace every single day.

I love you.



Your Princess ♥