To the man that was never even meant to be mine,

Thank you, for some reason, I thank you.

For bringing happiness into my life.

For putting spices into my boring planned life.

I always say that you came to me in a very wrong time.

But each day that passes by, I realized that you came just right in time.

You came like a star that I couldn’t hold yet I treasure so dearly,

like a light that I couldn’t have yet I needed so badly.

And like a storm that I didn’t want yet you happened so quickly.

You are all that and more in a bundle.

This lifetime is not ours, it was meant to be that way.

Nevertheless, I was happy and still am.

In my next, I will find you.

If life messes with us again and let out paths cross, let’s pretend that we didn’t knew each other.

This is the end of our season, I love you.