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If you are with someone who you surely know that will love you for lifetime then be happy.


If you are with someone that makes you doubt everything around you, stop.

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If you are busy fooling around with someone, stop.

If you are still looking for someone to like you, stop.

If you are waiting for the person you love to love you back, please stop.

Life is more than that.

The moment you’ll stop waiting for the person that you think will make you happy, you will immediately realize that the person you have been waiting for is just yourself.

It does not mean that when you choose to focus more on yourself, you’ll give up on the idea of being in a relationship.

You still have a lot to do before you tie yourself to whom you called “THE ONE”.

You still have a bunch of things to discover if you choose to enjoy yourself than to mess around with someone, to another someone and to another someone.

Love will always be there.

Love can wait but time is not consistent.

It flies fast, so don’t fritter away the moments that you can still spend for the betterment of yourself.

Don’t keep squandering your time for temporary persons.

Dear, for a little while, revolve only in your world because you cannot explore another one if you are not completely familiar of your own.

Love yourself dear.
Spend time to enjoy,
Spend time to improve,
Spend time to bloom.

Disbursing out a lot of time for yourself might be selfish


when time comes that you feel satisfied, contented and happy, it will be the perfect time to commit yourself to a stronger relationship.

Because believe it or not dear, the moment you discover that you are already the best version of yourself, someone who is surely the best for you will beat the one you been wanting before, just to be with you.

Dear, if you only choose to love yourself first,

a greater love will follow.

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