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I’ve been into a lot of failed relationships, ghosting stages, and unrequited love
but recently was the most unreasonable thing to keep. My heart and mind
keep battling up why it has to happen for me again? What I have done wrong?
Did I made mistakes to others that I have to suffer like this?

People doesn’t understand how our relationship works and that’s where
they got mad at me for asking you to stay with me. Did I ? Did  I beg you to
tay? I didn’t remember that I did.  There are lot of questions that I need to
ask but I preferred to just keep quite for as long as I could. I don’t understand why it
happen to me. I’ve been a good person and did all the things for the goodness
of everybody but why I ended up being the wrong one now?

You left me on the cleft just the way you did last time.  I don’ t know why
my heart keeps putting trust to everybody. I was so sad and  can’t harbor
the thought, why me? I may not be the person that your looking for but why
did you left me when everything falls on me? am I not a good person to you?
I can’t bear in mind that I need to suffer all of this just for you. I just realized
your not even worthy of the things I showed you. Your not even a man who
can take care of the person you love the most. You let everything passed without
even thinking it through.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Your not a man with words but I don’t regret the things we done and the memories
we have. I still hope that good things will happen on you. You will be the last person
that I allow to hurt me. 



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