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Girl, first of all I want to tell you that you are created for a purpose. Maybe you can’t see it right now or you don’t know exactly what it is but believe me God has something for you in the future; a Canaan (promise land) that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. My only question for you is: Will you settle in your situation and not move onto the next level of life or you will let your feet step onto another fight to conquer your giants? Will you be the slave Israelites of Egypt and stay on the hardship you are experiencing or be the Moses who fought for the promises of God in his life?

Don’t Settle For Less

It is in your own hands to choose between being “okay” or being joyful forever. It is in your own hands if you will decide to stay on the routine of life: to live, to study, to work, to marry and to have children, and to die. It is in your own hand if you will partake in producing a future generation who can change a nation or stay the same.

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Oh wait, before I end this do not focus too much about your status on facebook. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t have yet a man who can bring smile every morning you wake up. It may cause you to rush things and to decide rapidly without thinking what’s next after this.

My Main Message

Actually, this is my main message for you, my whole heart is shouting for a strong urging to say to you, oh girl, choose real joy than what the world offers. Pray for a man who will stand up with you and who will treat you as God’s princess. No to a man who will pursue you as beautiful Snow White but will suddenly transform into a Hulk figure who will hurt you physically and will curse you like an old witch when life encounters problems or when he gets angry about something.

Choose a man who will not discourage you from your dreams and who will help you not to settle for ordinary or less but for something greater than life. If you think there is no such a man like that, you are wrong. Sometimes the problem is we are too  impatient to wait for the best, neglecting the fact that the best or greater things are deserved by those who wait.

“But I Love Him”

Yes, I know. To be honest, love should not define only by the emotion part but also by the decision part. Our heart is deceitful. Even if your emotion is like a strongest wood, you won’t be able start a fire unless you decide to pull up the trigger of the object that will cause it to burn. Our emotion is dynamic, it will change. Often times, it is like a desire for an ice candy but as soon as you realize that there is an ice cream in the refrigerator you will choose it over an ice candy. Will you choose an ice candy over the ice cream? I believe no. That’s my point. Choose a long and lasting relationship or an unending pleasure like the ice cream can give than to find a momentary happiness that can leave a mark of pain.

Again, God has something for you. You have a purpose in life. Don’t let a man destroy it. Open your eyes to the reality of life. Decide now if you will wait and choose a warrior who will help you in the storm of your life or a Hulk who doesn’t know anyone when he gets angry.

“How to find him?”

You are young. There are a lot of things ahead for you. You are like a beautiful starfish on the deep ocean, let that man finds you. And to know if he is a warrior or a man that I said above, look to his action above the boat. While you are in the deep, watch closely on the way how he catches you. Observe his character. Does he keep on complaining while on the boat? Does he easily give up because you are in too much depth? Is he a man of faith who will jump over the water just to catch you? Is he a man with vision or plan upon catching you? Decide.

He has made everything beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 11:9) and for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Remember, “better is the end of a thing than its beginning and the patient in spirit better than the proud in spirit (Ecclesiastes 7:8). Season is season. If you pursue a season that is not yet for you, something wrong might come up. Season is like a counting process. Start to one, then to two, then three then so on so forth, we know it is wrong if we start to 57, then 58, then 1, then 2 then 4.

When we enjoy the season in its proper season, there is no such thing as regret. God made you for joy and not for regret.

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