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 I thought that was the one [the feeling]. I believe it was really magical. Having someone that was attracted to you without you putting much effort about your physical appearance etc. Having someone who’s so straight forward about what he feel towards you. Clinging to the “idea” that “this is it”;

I think, We think “this is it”; but we were wrong.

At some point of that magical feeling everything was changed when the “idea of reality” arrived. The reality that “this is not easy”. The transition was quick. I hardly even noticed it, from magical to estranged feelingfrom this is it to is this it?Everything became uncertain.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

The feeling was ambivalent. Taking chances becomes being distant, I don’t know when it all started becoming awkward but it feels like we are forcing ourselves to depart from each other but the heart, the heart, still wants to linger in every inch of our fingers. Every time our eyes met the feeling was there restraining the words that we want to tell the world.

I know these feelings of longing, sadness and pain are temporary, this will all just pass and we will get through this whether it will end good or bad. This will all just pass. All just pass. Just pass.

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