Dear You with a Brave Heart



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Dear You,

Being brave and strong is a tough job. Sometimes you would want to breakdown but you can’t. Because someone’s relying on you. Sometimes you want people to see you vulnerable but they don’t seem to notice. Because they think that you can manage it. Sometimes you just wanna cry like hell and burst your heart out but no one seems to believe that you can actually do that. Because they think you’re strong enough to handle it like how you do it most of the times. But what they do not know is that there’ll always be a child inside you. A little fellow who longs to be cared for, listened to, and comforted. A little kid who just wanted to cry for once and just be irrational. But no one seems to see that vulnerability in you. Because you did a great job on being brave and strong. So great that nobody seems to notice when you sounded in pain nor looked lonely. You did not choose to hide but they just seem to assume that you can always manage to handle it. And your life just goes that way.

Being brave and strong is indeed a tough job. I hope you’ll find rest in His comfort. I hope you’ll find strength in His love. I hope you’ll find love in His presence. In a world where nobody seems to notice, He notices you. In a world where nobody seems to care, He cares for you. In a world where everybody seems to assume you’re fine, He feels your heart. In Him, you are strengthened. In Him, you are comforted. In Him, you are cared. In Him you are loved. You were never alone in this tough job. He was and will always be there to carry you through the journey. Always.

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