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You met me in the middle of my deppresion.
In the dark room that nobody knew.
I have two faces at that moment.
People saw the happy and strong woman who’s smiling every single person she met.
They never saw the bleeding behind on it.
I realized Im just pretending to be a strong woman.
Such a kind of narcissistic isn’t it?

When I open my heart to you?
You saw my scars and imperfections? But still adoring me?
You saw my pain and tears during my tough days.
You never left me in my rough times.
The sleepless nights turn into a peaceful nights.
I begin to love myself again.
Your affection and love mend my broken heart that turn to be whole again.
The happiness I saw in your eyes.
I can’t believe that I’m the reason of it.
Because I’ve never been good enough to anyone.
Being around you I can be myself.
I can laugh out loud.
Make silly jokes.
I can cry without judgement.

Such a wonderful feeling.
Knowing I’m not alone in my journey because I have you. ❤

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