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There are seasons in life that you’ll find yourself lost and empty.

You’ll meet someone that you thought will fill your emptiness.

However, his not there for you to stay.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:


Both of us are in a relationship, Me at 7 -years while you at 4 years.

My first impression of you was a snob guy that didn’t give me a chair during a convention.

We had our first short conversations that turn into long ones,

And we found it amusing that we have many things in common.


I’m not the kind of person that will lie about who I’m with, or who I’m texting.

Because of you, I lied.

My boyfriend and friends know that I’m changing bit by bit.

Because of you, I changed.


You broke the heart of a woman who really loves you,

for a girl that was lost and empty.

You told me that I’m the one that you love,

And insist that I feel the same way too.


You ask me what will I choose; Right or Happiness?

“I have chosen the right because that right is my happiness”

That should be my response,

because of a girl that is lost and empty it’s not.


I broke the heart of a guy that really loves me

with a bland reason,” I’m lost and scared.” funny but yes I did.

I’m lost and scared of many things,

that will explode any minute in my mind.


I find myself more lost, and accept a guy that I thought is complete.

Yes, we were happy. we choose our happiness over what’s right.

But in the end, both of us realize that we are not meant for each other.


Even our friendship was not saved.

But thank you…Thank you for the lesson and experience,

Thank you for not staying, because everything is just a mistake.

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