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Yes, relationships always work on two ways, not one but two hearts guiding and molding each other to be the best version of themselves.


Sometimes love really is not enough to hold and strengthen relationships,

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there are lots of stuffs which needs to be balanced, ingredients to make it work.


Una sa lahat Respect, Relationship will not work if you don’t know how to value and respect your other half’s point of view or beliefs. Not just because alam mong tama ka at mali sya doesn’t mean mawawalan ka na ng respeto sa kanya, Most of the times kailangan mong ibaba yung “ego” mo to understand and let her feel you acknowledge her and understands her. Sorry means nothing if you will lose each dahil lang nawalan kayo ng respeto.


Communication, of course! communication is the key to understand and know each others perspective, hindi yung nangangapa kayo sa kawalan to know kung ano yung gusto at Ayaw nung isa. Dont let the other one overthink, declare what you want and let them decide. Hindi yung sasabihin mong “yes” pero deep inside its a “no”. C’mon di na tayo bata to do guessing games, wag mag antayan kung sino mag fifirst move. be mature enough to tell what you want and most of all learn to listen to avoid miscommunication.


Trust, Big WORD, well most people are worth of trust, it is just up to them to prove us wether we’re right or wrong specially sa relationship. I know some of you are guilty ma may trust issues kaya nga karamihan nag papalitan ng social media accounts. Well there’s nothing wrong naman if you both agreed to do so pero its just that where is the trust?. Social media is one of our gateways and of course privacy is there. Not just because you too are in a relationship doesn’t mean wala na kayong privacy sa isa’t isa. “If you love me lets change each other’s soc. media account“. If you love someone you should also trust them. Trust is the key and if you dont trust them you dont love them to begin with. It is up to them to prove you wrong of trusting them but you did your part.



FAITH! the strongest foundation of all.

Being in a relationship you should be ready to commit and surrender all to God and let him be the center of your relationship. If God is with you, Who could be against you?. Make God as your Center kung gusto nyong mag grow with each other.

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Have faith in each other and you will endure even when love is fading if God is still working with you both, He shall make you both stronger and wiser and your relationship will bloom and will stay forever.

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