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It is no shame. It will not define your worth too.

So all those times I have been living my life on my own, I have come to realize and appreciate my alone time. There are moments that I think I am better with someone else but I can also feel that the universe is trying to tell these things to me. And here I am, telling this to you.

You will learn that you are fine even if you don’t get any hand to hold. You can be genuinely happy even without someone whom you can hug in the middle of the night. You will learn that you are doing just fine even if you don’t get any calls that remind you to eat breakfast and take extra care on your way at work. The universe wants me to remind you that there’s still happiness and contentment even if you are just by yourself.

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You will learn that you are just fine even if no one’s there to listen about your bad days. It is okay to endure the bad days with just yourself sometimes. You will learn that it is okay even if no one is there to absorb all the words you are going to say, you will learn that you are okay without someone you can lean on and share how your day was, how tired you got home since traffic was very terrific. Still, you are just fine.

You will learn that you are fine even if you will only be the one who travels around places. You are fine even if you are alone in making memories. You are enjoying your own company but it doesn’t mean you are lonely. Spending quality time to yourself helps you to discover your inner strength, your innermost being.

You will learn that you are fine without someone who will remind you that you are loved. Love is not just about having a significant other. Love comes in different forms. It can be a cup of coffee treat from someone you helped two weeks ago, a free movie ticket from a friend who misses you over the weekend, your favorite home-cooked meal made specially by your mom. And yes, you will be fine with all these forms of love and affection.

Being alone for years will make you realize that having no special someone is perfectly okay. It doesn’t mean that you are not that loveable, that you are not worth the love. Sometimes it means that you just have to take your time in getting to know yourself and appreciate yourself a bit more.

Being alone does not equate to loneliness. It simply means that the universe is just taking its time in giving you things you once asked and prayed for.

And one day, I know the universe will grant you someone whom you can spend the rest of your days with.

Believe that.

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