I fear, ergo, I withdraw


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I fear that I will search for your face in the crowd
I fear that I will long for your voice
I fear that I will miss that smile on your face
I fear that I will be wanting to see you everyday
I fear that I will hope to see your message on my phone every minute
I fear that I will get upset every time that you ignore my messages
I fear that I will be affected of every little thing you say
I fear that I will think of you every single time
I fear that you will take me for granted for always being there
I fear that you will be intoxicated by my presence every time I message you
I fear that you will get tired of all my drama
I fear that you will find someone better
I fear that we will not be something I hoped us to be
I fear that we will end the friendship we had once things get complicated

I fear about everything
I fear losing myself
I fear losing you
I fear losing our friendship over some uncertain feelings
I fear getting attached to someone who’s not sure about me
I fear of waiting for someone who’s not certain of going back
I fear of falling to someone who will not probably be there to catch me
I fear of all the possibilities that might ruin and damage us eventually
I fear that I’ve been rejecting other people for someone who’ll leave me hanging

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Things can go wrong
Things ALWAYS goes wrong
And I’m not brave either
I’m not brave enough to fight for what I feel because I fear pain
I fear of being consumed by all the why’s and if’s
I never want to feel the pain of questioning my worth anymore
Those moments when I ask myself why I wasn’t enough
The terrible unanswered questions of ‘What did I do wrong? Why did it come to this?’
I fear risking for someone who wouldn’t even risk for me– fight for someone unsure of me
I fear wasting my time for the wrong person
I fear hurting and being hurt
I fear falling in love

I fear, therefore, I withdraw.

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