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Ever experienced a short-term memory loss and suddenly remembers it few days after in a conversation with someone bringing it up like you’re some sort of psychopathic ass ruining the topic? Funny how forgetful I became in such a short period of time. Maybe it’s due to lots of thoughts collating and processing at the back of my brain. Too much for my lazy brain to handle. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. What if this phenomena has something to do with my self-assumed disease that is thickening in our society. Hidden amidst the community where everyone is happily socializing/interacting with one another yet have a deep scar inside. Many have I encountered with the same experiences I’m dealing with, yet my mind is clouded with so much questions I can’t even bear to handle alone. Facing every problems with perseverance. No matter how hard it is, there’s always gonna be a solution. It may take a while to solve it but I know for certain there is. My current state.

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