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As the rain pours down, rattling sounds on the ground. I asked, what has this life been into? Just lost in the middle of nowhere. Trying to seek the right place, doubts fill in.

Like a piece of paper cramped by thy own hands. It’s nobody’s fault. This life was wrote down by no one else but this silly boy who thinks he’s living in a fantasy world. Escaping the harsh reality with anything he can come up with.

Like the sweetness of sugar rushing into his brain he questioned sanity. What have the world done for you? Nothing. For you did nothing. The lasting memories that has been contained within you won’t last. As the days goes on, the date of your own departure will come. You won’t stop it. Because you can’t.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Just like the rain pouring above your head, it hurts more as you run faster. Just like life when you rush things without thinking. And when you suddenly came into a stop, you lost track of time. How long has it been since a stranger noticed your existence? You put up a fake smile to cover up the sadness that hugged you.

Standing still, staring into nowhere. Trying to figure out why darkness was all over the place. Freezing, as rain seeps deep into your skin. Shivers with the wind as it blows the cold truth. Just when you thought everything is ending, reality kicks in. You’re still in the same spot. And all of that, was just an illusion. The same illusion that has been going on in your dreams.

By then you uttered, “I’d rather have a nightmare and be scared….than live in this self-made reality with covered up lies. “

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