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She cried for help. But no one noticed.

She smiled. She said she’s okay. Everyone believed that she’s fighting. But she was alone in the dark. Nobody tried to listen to her.

She tried to be positive around people she loves. She kept them going. She gave them words that nobody ever told her.

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She is happy. She is finally in love again. But the monster inside her head was stronger. It triggered the weakest point and now she’s drowning.

She’s breaking. She’s dying.

Every day, her depression grows bigger. Yes, there are times that she’s really happy, but her monster would still take over at the end of the day.

It is hard for her to fight but she tried. She tried.

Every inch of her is now consumed by the darkness she hid for a long time. She’s just waiting for it to finally take that step to end everything.

She needs you.

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