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Dear Love,

I can’t promise to not mess up. I can’t promise to be sweet to you and your friends all the time, especially when I’m furious. I can’t promise to cook you the best meal everyday and do the dishes after that. I can’t be the ‘perfect’ girlfriend you’ve been craving for so long. Also because, if you expect me to cook and clean all the time without pitching in equally … We aren’t going to last at all.
But there’s one thing I can guarantee you: I will give you the best version of myself.
The course of life so far (the little that I have grown up) has taught me that no matter how hard one tries, it is not possible to be perfect. Everyone is flawed. I have learnt that not giving up to failure, is what can take us places … good places. And this is why I cannot be the perfect girlfriend. You and I both need to fail sometimes and learn from our lessons.
I can be stubborn, jealous, and clingy at times, and end up doing the exact opposite of what you ask me to do. I’ll drive you crazy with my hot-headed and over-enthu behaviour, and push you away when I require some ‘me’ time. But please don’t doubt my love based on this. Because you’ll do the same sometimes.
Though I’ll never be perfect, I promise to be real.
I’ll stand by you in the darkest of times, I will show that ugly side of me, which I want no one (and I really mean, no one!) to see. If only you accept me the way I am.
Again, I know I am not perfect. Even you are not. But if you are okay with me being this crazy-ass myself, we can love each other … And be crazy, together.

Your Badlungon na Bae💕

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