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Life-Crisis: Get lost with a PURPOSE.


Post-graduation: Life Crisis


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2 years ago, I left my Alma Mater with high hopes and wishful thinking, strongly positive ready to conquer the so called “real-world

Who would’ve believed that after 2 years, here I am, sitting and feeling this familiar feeling of heart  pinching anxiety. Caught in this brutally vicious Work-life cycle.

The year is about to end, so is my job. I will start the year jobless. Its not like anyone elses fault. The feeling of being caught the job you don’t want yetbyour comfortable with. This is purely my decision, to end and just quite my job.

At this point, I want to seek the deepest me, to know me better, to read and fathom myself.

Before I graduate, things seems to be very clear, I have those castles strongly built in the clouds, those that I want to pursue and path that I want to take.

But I was to naive. My naivety shocked me. The real world is way to awful. Sometimes along the process of achieving your dreams, the once crytal clear dream is slowly becoming opaque.

To those who know me. The question

“What is your dream?”

is my favorite among infinite and hundreds of thousands of questions.


Simply because it stir my mind. The thought of knowing;

  • If its only me, who tend to slowly and slowly forget the dreams I once dreamed.
  • If its only me who chooses to survive and not live.
  • If its just me, who was caught by the harshness  of consequences on achieving your dream.
  • If its just me who tend to sacrifice dreams over basic necessities.

I was once traversing life with a clear destination, but in the middle of my traverse, I got lost. And still is lost. The once strongly built castles of dream, crumbles and fall.

In the middle of traverse, I got confused, of which path to follow, this or that, that or this! Which is which?

Overabundance of choices is very complex than having only one or two clear choices.

So hey, this is the so called. Adulting.

Once your on it. You’ll know.

But one thing is for sure, life is full of choices, its for you to decide. Today might not be the day, but your time will come. Seek not a job, but a career with strong calling.

Pathways might be covered with mist, you might be lost with nowhere to go, or might be caught with infinite choices today but believed me when I say, you can’t stand alone. Find your compass, stand with the powerful being, remember your family and the people who once cheered your greatness, and let that lead you to the once clearly set destination.

Don’t settle with just being lost, be lost with purpose, and that is to find your life’s purpose.

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