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Dear Self,

How is your heart? 2020 is so heavy, isn’t it?

I know you have set a standard that at a certain time, you should be like this and like that. And probably the path where you are now is not even leading you to where you wanted to be.

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& You’ve been struggling a lot lately because I know you felt that you failed you. But you know what? Maybe because you didn’t become someone you always wanted to be, maybe because there are things you shouldn’t have done but did anyway yet there are also things you know you should have done better but didn’t do.

Take it easy. Be kind to yourself.

Why do you think at 25 it’s easy to look back and empathize with your 15-year-old self?

Why it is easy for you to offer comfort and not be harsh about your mistakes? To know that the decisions made in the past were the best ones and it helped you to become the best version of yourself today. To know that when you fell and hurt it wasn’t you to blame but the ones who took advantage of your trust and vulnerability.

But when did you forget that one day you will be 40? You will be 40 and look back at yourself now and wish that you were kinder to yourself.

Can you be a little bit less harsh to yourself? Can you love yourself a little bit more?

You may be older at 30 than you were at 25 but that doesn’t mean you know everything. That doesn’t mean you have to get it all right. After all, there is a lot more knowledge, growing, and living to do. All you can do now is be honest with yourself, show courage, and also let yourself enjoy the present.

You can only hope that when you turn 40 or even 70, you can be approving of yourself now.

I have a feeling you will be. If not, then maybe your 40 or 70-year-old self will definitely set it right.

You have to live that long at least, right?

So keep fighting, no matter how hard it gets. Continue embracing who and where you are not.

And always, always, always believe in yourself.

You can do it!!!



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