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It’s the fourth of July, and a social media memory popped up and reminded me of a time when I conquered my third mountain. After awhile I remember a thought of mine before..and that’s…

In hiking, just like in life, one is governed by a particular concept that encompasses the following:
You may be ahead of the others; or at the tail.
You may be the one to lead your group, or the one who delays it;
You may be part of a collective or are alone, either by choice or not.
You may be fast and agile, or a challenged slow-pokeā€¦

Whatever your circumstance is, you go through it, one step at a time keeping in mind that reaching the summit isn’t the last stop, as there would be always be reason/s that would suggest continuity in movement.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

The question is, what made you different than who you were when you first started?
If one can find at least one(1) point of difference, then congratulations. That’s triumph.

If, on the other hand, one isn’t able to highlight at least one(1) difference, then congratulations still, as that can now be a source of lessons to be learnt.

“But didn’t I just waste my taste, all for a f**king lesson?”
– I say, this is the reason why we, as cognitive beings, must think about the decisions we make. After doing so, once we make that decision.. we commit to it, we engage ourselves, and we never look back.

In addition, while we are pursuing our cause, make sure you don’t stop in making yourself a better you. Don’t treat that one(1) pursuit as your sole purpose for breathing as we would always have at least one(1) reason to keep moving forward and that’s our self. The pursuit to make yourself better have preceded and should always come first before any other reason and doing so would make you capable of conquering any mountain.

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