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I am in my 25th year of living my life, and I am telling you quarter life crisis hits me so bad. It was earlier this year 2019, where I question the purpose of my existence. By the way, those past years were just amazing for me, it was overwhelming I have been through a lot but I was able to conquer them all, dreams are coming true, I finished my studies, took the board exam and passed and got a job. What more can I asked for? But as I hit this stage in life, I have this feeling of being so empty, sullen and lonely. I was never alone; I got my family and friends with me, I am surrounded with these adorable people.


Indeed, quarter life crisis is a real thing for me. I have these feeling that I am not utilizing everything God had given me, that feeling that I am a wasted talent, I mean I do believe I can do more than who I think I am today. No, it’s not that I look up myself too much, but you know you just feel it that you can be better than where you are right now. Those feelings like you are somewhere in between giving up and seeing how much more I can take. I am doing so well, but why I keep on having this feeling of emptiness, is it maybe because I am still looking for my life’s purpose?

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As I continue to write this, it has been months since I started this piece and as I looked back, after those past few weeks of leaving this as a draft I made a realization that I think I should look for a CHANGE. It may be uncomfortable but it is a must. It is not necessarily a big change just a little twist on your daily routine will do. And to be honest I am still working on it, like I always am a work-in-progress.



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