My beer and my over-thinking mind


I don’t drink
Well, I don’t drink too much
Every drop of beer
That enters my body
Gives me relief
I drink a little
To keep the tears from falling
Hoping that tomorrow
It will be a lot easier
Cause maybe it will
I drink a little more
Not because I enjoy it
But to forget a little
I drink one beer
To stop my mind
From thinking too much
Too much that it hurts
Thinking always leave me
Broken and in pieces
Almost shattered
Like a glass
That can never be fixed again
I drink a bottle
Almost every night
To shut my mind
To allow my body to rest
I need to sleep
Without one bottle
Every night is a battle
I drink not because I want to
But because I need to
Cause if I won’t
I’ll be restless the whole night
So I have to drink a beer
Not too much
But just enough
To numb my brain
To ease my pain

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