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Lies and secrets are spare parts of sorrows
My friend, please stop for a while
Do you really know your worth?
Stop pursuing and begging the wrong person
Not loving you back and inflicting chaos emotionally.
The road is too wide to drive, good for racing not chasing.
Your heart is still trafficked to someone

You are not aware from consequences and confusions
Some sweet phrases are as sharp as knives
You can see and hear but blind and deaf inside
You never think the risk and warnings
So hard being in the state of POKMARU
Too much in love while you’re emptied
A fallen heart , It’s a trap, game over for being unprepared of.

Even if the chances are quite low
Even if the probability is near zero
Don’t push yourself to the agony giver
Time to go away and to move on
You may see stones in a tough roads to conquer
But breathe first, heads up, there’s a stoplight
Just go in the journey of self-love and peace .

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This road is good for racing not for chasing but wait, might your heart is still trafficked to someone that you loved before who never loved you back

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