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How has it been? I still remember you every now and then. People question me why. They tell me we are matched made in heaven. Please know that I’ve tried. Every text, every call, late night talk, gifts and your special attention, I’ve noticed them all.

No, I’m not unfeeling. I do, appreciate you, I see you, I hear you and often times I ask myself why not you. My brain forces my heart to reciprocate your love, but all I feel is comfort and friendship towards you. No, not only that. The more I feel I’m special to you, the more your love burdens me so. I don’t pity you, I see you brave. I admire your persistence yet it is my undoing. Every time I look in your eyes, all I feel is regret. I sometimes hate myself why I can’t feel the same for you. My mind tells me it’s the best choice I may ever have. Yet, everytime I deceive myself that I may be able to like you more, the more I’m guilty of deceiving us. You’ve known what I’ve felt from the start yet you were persistent to open up my heart.

The risk we took, only broke us apart. You for loving me and me for not being able to love you back. The mess we’ve made, we can no longer retract. The best decision is for me to leave you to walk a new path. All I ask is for you to forget, the heart that can’t open up. The heart that now can only feel regret of not saying steadfastly no, when it could’ve saved us a great deal by readily letting go. Please set me free from your love, for me to set myself free from the guilt of breaking your heart apart.

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