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You may not really know much about me but that doesn’t matter. What matter is how much you know about yourself. I am writing this letter for your sake because I know that you have something troubling you. You might deny it in front of everyone but the truth is you sometimes want to let it all out. You try to make words in your head or compose the things you want to say. You might even have written a whole book inside that noggin but the hardest part is yet to come. The mustering of courage to make it real, to voice it out. You feel envious at people that are great at speaking their mind with ease that sometimes you just want to give up about even opening yourself to people. And I think it is fine to feel that way. But that doesn’t mean that you must stop there. You can start small and take it one step at a time. No need to rush or go big. You have your own way to express yourself. You’re scared of an audience in front? Make a vlog! You’re not good at speaking? Write a poem or a letter or even a novel! You have a hard time with words? Paint or draw or why not cook! Do not let anything or anyone be a reason from stopping you even if that person is yourself.

Now let us talk about your worth. One of the most destructive phrase in our nation, or any language, is “Wala kang silbi” (“You’re useless”). It breaks not only the heart but also the mind and spirit of anyone even if it came from people we don’t care about. It lingers in a person’s ear for days, weeks, months, or years while slowing decaying life away from that individual. A word of advice: Don’t pass it on. Stop the domino! You have no time to say those words nor the right. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Your worth does not have a price tag nor a name tag; It does not depreciate nor inflate above others; It is the same as everyone else. You deserve every kind of respect a human being should have and the duty to give it as well. No one has the right to defile your purity so you should save it for someone who also knows its truest value. You are honorable even without a title; The name that your parents gave is enough for them to be proud of. The dictionary of society does not define who you are instead become a definition worth looking up to. Your beauty or masculinity is not appraised by appearance or objects that you have; It is measured by your action and attitude in every situation. You are stronger than what anyone thinks and this includes yourself; Going to the gym is good but working out relationships are more important than any muscle. And always remember that God loves you with all his heart even if you don’t love Him back.

This is the last part of my message. I want to end this letter by saying something really outrageous: kill your self; kill your old self; kill the self in you that hinders you to move and grow. No other person can do it but you. I know that for some it is scary and near impossible but it gives you more room to improve. You can change; You must change; but change for the better; Your self version will always need a daily update. It is okay to make mistakes, to have flaws, to bear scars or to be different. You are imperfectly perfect and not a person is an exception. You are a masterpiece in progress and I couldn’t wait for you to see your truly bona fide self. Growing never stops so always enjoy the raindrops and sunshine. There is no age limit for fun. Fun will always have “U” right in the middle of it. The world will always have room for more people who inspire, motivate, encourage and lift up others and I pray that you become one. I hope that some of my words might slap some sense into you and if it did why not slap back right?

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