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Dear Men,

If you are not yet serious in pursuing her don’t let her fall in love with you. Don’t play with her emotions. Emotion is not a word use for playing or tripping. God designed emotion for protection and not for hurt. Remember that you are not a kid anymore playing toys and guns. So be serious in this matter. It is all about the future ahead of you. Generation is at stake here.

If you will not keep your promises to her don’t keep her hanging on your words. Man, be the Mr. Right who protects his mouth from saying “I love you” to every girl he will meet in his life and keeps this line to the only one he wants to be with him for the rest of his life.

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Right Perspective, Plan, and Purpose

And how can you be the Mr. Right who will fulfill both of your dreams in the future if you yourself have no dreams for your life? And if you have wonderful dreams how sure are you to be called Mr. Right if those dreams are not the right dreams to be pursued? How can you be the Mr. Right if the main purpose why you are living here on earth isn’t right?

But if you are not yet the Mr. Right for her, the one who will always give her light when her day is too dark don’t turn on your motives yet. And if you then, already, the Mr. Right who will give her light, my question now is what light will you shine? If it is not the radiance of the Son, I’m sorry to tell you, but, it will never be called light. If you are not yet the Mr. Right for her, also the one who will save her heart from breaking, and from all her life’s worries don’t act like superman who is always there whenever there’s a problem, but as soon as he rescued people or finished the work, he always leave them behind. But be like the Man, not any superhero, who stood up with His love when troubles came, the One who held her hands and saved her from life’s worries and never left her behind after He rescued her, the One who let His hands and feet nailed on the cross just to save her from the eternal death and protect her from any curse. Be that Man who said I will never leave you nor forsake you.

He is the Main Man, Jesus

You can never generously provide for  your future family if you believe that the source of money is your ability and not God. You cannot be the “strong wall of the house” unless you know that He is the Cornerstone (1 Peter 2:6, quoted from Isaiah 26:8), the foundation, and the main need of the house to be strong and to last for a long time. How can you protect as a wall of your house if you yourself has a wrong foundation? How can you unite the family you will build if your life is not abide in the Cornerstone? Don’t build a house that you will destroy soon because you cannot maintain it anymore when testing and trials roll along your way but build a house that even a torrent will strike this house it will never be shaken because it was built well and it’s foundation is Jesus Christ—not the love because if the foundation is love it will be crushed soon.

Instead of knowing yourself if you are the Mr. Right for her by knowing who you really are, know Christ because He is the only person who will tell you the exact person you really are and if you are the Mr. Right for her. And if your season has not yet to come to be the Mr. Right for her, be strong and courageous, don’t lose heart. Call to our Father and He will instruct you with right words, filter your motives, mold your heart to be right, in line your will on His, show you right dreams, and protect your mind from the wrong pursuit.

Being Mr. Right is a Process and Training

Time is passing and passing and it is not the time for us men not to pursue to be the Mr. Right. It is the time for training. Make every opportunity to learn in every situation and apply it to be the Mr. Right. Be aware of those family which are now broken because of those men who said they are the right ones. Open your eyes to the reality that this world needs men to rise up and build a generation who fears God. Women are not meant for tragedy. We have a purpose in life for them. If you don’t know it yet? Hold your Bible: this is the book of instruction before life ends, read it.  This book will tell you how to become the Mr. Right. Apply one by one what you will learn in this.

But honestly, the only person to be called Mr. Right is Jesus Christ and how can we be like one? Imitate Him; His works and His attitude. These are the ingredients to become Mr. Right. If you are not the Mr. Right yet for her don’t pretend but see and taste that the Lord is good and savor Him on this season of pursuing to be the Mr. Right. Make the Mr. Right of all ages your utmost Treasure. I believe in you, men, that there is someone for you. There is, I am sure of it, so don’t rush things, men. You are the Mr. Right for someone! Claim it! You’re blessed.

The Future Husband As Well

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