Lost Time


We all met someone in our early days that we dreamt of becoming our future. We’ve spent months and years to sharpen and become our perfect selves thinking that it will all be worth it. But dear, life isn’t like that. As we are going through the process of what we called life, we didn’t realize that the person beside you is not there anymore. And questions will pour and struck you. You begin to question the other person for not waiting, question the world for not being kind enough, question everyone for not helping and finally, question yourself for what went wrong. “Did I took my time too long? Was it me that’s wrong?”

At the age of 27, the conclusion I came up is No, there’s no time that’s wasted. Every minute and every second was necessary for you to complete your piece. It is just that he already finished his puzzle first and you are not in it. You were never fit. And time was needed for you to understand that some pieces of puzzle was unique for everyones life to complete. There’s no lost time in completing your life’s pieces. It was needed. It was necessary. That seemed unfair but it’s totally normal.

I know that my answer will vary depending on what stage I am in life. But for now, that is all I came up with. Life itself is composed of fortunate and unfortunate times, nothing in between.

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