You’re My Mew


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You’re my Mew
In a world filled with people who gotta catch them all
My foolish heart keeps on saying “I choose you”

You’re my Mew
You’re absolutely cute
Without even trying to

You’re my Mew
There is greatness and passion in everything you do

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You’re my Mew
You bring happiness to a world so blue

You’re my Mew
You’re so rare that nothing compares to you

You’re my Mew
In a world fascinated by the famous Pikachu
You won my heart by just being you

And just like Mew, you’re “too great” to be captured
I tried my very best to take care of you but ended up getting both of us injured

So just how Ash let go of Butterfree
I have decided to just let you be

Be the awesome person that you are
To a world filled with darkness you are a shining star

Thank you very much for everything
You’re funny, witty, intelligent, kind, passionate, pure, just simply fascinating

I am very blessed to have met someone so aMEWsing
Our memories are beautiful MEWsic I’ll keep repeating

Too bad I didn’t get to finish my unboxing
However, I am certain that in you, God created a wonderful blessing

Dearest Mew
I’d be lying if I say I’m over you
However, I’m surrendering it all to God because that is the right thing to do

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