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I never heard anyone say that getting into your 20s is a terrific time. Na marami palang “what if” at “lost passion and dreams” ang mangyayari. Nobody warned me that asking to grow more quickly as a child was a tragic mistake. At age of 20, you begin to wonder what is the best pathto follow. At age of 24, you begin a career that was not your goal. At age of 26 you begin to question everything that you’ve done, “Did I do a great job?” and suddenly you will realize na even though you start to question it you cannot bring back the time. So the “It is what it is” phase will begin.

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But one thing I realized is being at you 20s maybe tough but it will teach you a lot. It teach you how important time is, that life is not a race. Hindi pagandahan ng sasakyan, hindi palakihan ng sahod, hindi pabilisan magkapamilya at hindi pataasan ng pwesto sa trabaho. Everything that this world have, will not satisfied you. That is why it is okay to feel lost sometimes, it is okay to feel like you are far from what you dream few years ago. We should always remember na, malayo na para ibalik ang oras, pero malayo narin ang nararating mo ngayon.

Maybe you think that the younger you will be dissapoint of what you have now, but let me remind you that he or she is still proud of you. Despite of every challenges you’ve been through, you are still here. The kid inside you will tell “it is okay to slow down, take your time”

Just like what a A Gentle Reminder book by Bianca Sparacino said
“But there is no point in rushing quickly towards a life that will not inspire you or fulfill you. It is okay to slow down. It is okay to take the time you need. You are in no rush”

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