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Hi! I know you went through a lot, and you’re still discovering more about yourself.
Sorry for always accepting challenges in our life. Letting people come into our lives that we might know in the end that they will hurt us..but still you keep on surviving the challenges in order for you to discover your own worth. I know how hard it is for you and how painful it is to wake up everyday with a lot of questions on your mind that until now still have no answer. Honestly, I’m so proud of where you are now. and I know you’re still struggling, healing in the last relationship you had, that made you believe that it was perfect and worth fighting for.
I know your heart is tired and broken but you still try to fix it in order for you to fight and with a little hope that someday, someone will give you the answers to your countless questions.
Hope that in this cruel called life, you are still able to be genuinely happy. With all the bruises you have, still praying for you to become stronger. And also may you find the true happiness that you are looking for.

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