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Sol, my almost,
What is the essence of morning without you?
How unfair and how playful the fate is, that even in my perihelion, I, somehow, am still off the beaten path and watch you from afar as I revolve.
I know I shouldn’t, but at some point, I envy luna.
I’m jealous by the fact that although you two are significantly apart, you still got the chance to meet, be with each other, and the entirety will stare in awe.
Regardless, thank you, for once, I felt belonged.
Please don’t get the wrong idea of me distancing myself from you, and totally get rid of me in your system. I have realized that pushing you to be with me, and I to be with you, would result to a chaos.
I will continue to admire you from afar and will hold onto the last bit of gravity that I am able to grasp.
I hope I am still in the system I used to be a part of. I don’t wanna force things to happen and let them flow at their natural pace as just what I have said, your door is yours to open, and not mine to barge in.
I may be pulled into another stellar system, but the thing is, I did not find it in purpose, it did find me instead as I have never thought of replacing you…I guess our nature bound us from experiencing the inevitability of being pulled by the ones who have found us. Just know, sol, that my orbit will always be yours and, I, will still revolve around you despite being too far, until that happen.
It is a promise I hold, and will always keep, that I will never intentionally find another star, but as what we are destined, maybe another will find me. But until then, I will stay with you, watching you being admired by the other objects and creatures, despite not being a part of your system anymore.
Loving you fondly…until that time,
It is explained that the Solar System is bound by the gravity of the Sun. Pluto, however, is in verge of losing this force and may be pulled by another star nearby, and thus being part of its stellar system.

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