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The glass is half full and half empty — such a conventional phrase about how we perceive things in either optimism or pessimism.

But how do you see your glass? How would you choose to describe it?

In reality, the rest is up to how we see the truth: that the glass has water to the halfway point.

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Life has it’s ups and downs, but let’s admit that despite of it, we want to have a good day and a great existence. What if we think that instead of being half empty as the partner of half full, why don’t we just be “half full, half open”? We can say “Yes, I am half full for now, but I know that the space left in my glass is meant for openness; openness for me to be grow; openness for me to learn and accept a part of me that I have to continue filling in until I realize that I’m already “full”.

The other part of our glass can be filled with different tastes of life, and we can choose to have a sip to find out what we truly want for us to be genuinely happy. At first it may be hard to understand what this means, but to you who is reading this, I hope that you see yourself as someone worth it to be a full person who can live a great life that is in store for you. I hope that you see yourself as someone who can be loved by others wholeheartedly even if you feel that you are still in the process of figuring out what you want until you reach your full potential.

There is more to life. Make the most of what you see in your glass.

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