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Growing up is exciting and lonesome at times- when the people you used to be with seem so far already. This transition might be different but you’ll get through it, slowly though it immensely hurts. It’s part of the process, there are new things to learn and old things to unlearn. It won’t be the same and that’s okay; the most courageous thing you must do is to learn to stand up on your feet and continue living by faith.

Welcome to adulthood!

Where the people around you start to live their own life; chase their dreams, passion, desire, and purpose. Some pursue relationships, proposals, and married life. Some might go to different places and change careers. Some already have their eldest child. Some just started a business. And here you are asking “when will be my turn?”

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

It’s okay to feel blue. It’s okay to be disappointed. Feel all those emotions, don’t suppress them. Then, slowly let them go, and gaze at the person you see in the mirror- the person you’re becoming.

You’re doing well! You can still tumble in your bed and dream. You can still see your loved ones every morning. You can still smell the flowers in the garden. You can still taste your favorite food. You can still touch and hug your loved ones. Your mom and dad; never fail to love you and believe that you are successful on your own. You can still walk and search for your purpose. You can still speak and converse with people. You can still see the sun, moon, and stars in the sky which serve as a reminder that you’re only one in a billion people in this world. YOU are already favored having a life here.

I hope whenever you are discouraged in life- find grace in the everyday.

Look for it and you’ll see how blessed you are.

Some might have it all but couldn’t sleep at night. Some might look happy and successful on their social media but are full of worries and doubts. Some might already travel all around the world but still feel lonely and empty. You might not have everything but if you have peace in your heart; you’re doing well. If you can still share even if you have little; you’re doing well. If you can still serve others and not only live for your own good; you’re doing well. If you can still persevere even if life gets tough; you’re doing well. Sometimes we thought that success is all about having a title, a lot, a car, fame, money, name it all, but after all, it’s about how well we lived our life. It will be all forgotten when you’re six feet in the ground, you won’t bring those. It’s all good to have but life isn’t all about that.

Comparison steals joy, never let this be part of your story. You’re doing well. Others might remind you of the things you don’t have, remind them of the things you are so grateful for. If you can still hope and speak light even if life gets dark; you are doing well! if you can still tuck up your courage and pursue your purpose even if no one believes in you; you’re doing well! If you have peace, joy, and love- you’re doing well!

Those things that are unseen weighed the most.

Find grace in every day and you’ll realize you’re doing well.

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