There will be times when you feel like you were never enough and you feel like you never mean anything to anyone at all. There will be times when you feel like a failure because you just mess it all up and you can’t undo it all. There will be moments in life where no one seems to care and you feel like you’re all alone. There will be times when you’ve given everything to make things work out but it didn’t happen. You’ll feel left out, betrayed, unloved, forgotten and many more. You’ll feel all these things.

But all you need to do is: STOP. JUST STOP.
Stop thinking about your inadequacy as a person and start making use of your time to develop yourself more.
Stop thinking about how stupid you were to do such things and start learning from it by doing better.
Stop thinking about the people who isn’t there with you and start appreciating those who are around you.
Stop thinking about the loss that you’ve experienced and start gaining new experiences and new relationships.
Stop thinking about everything that you don’t have and start thanking for what you still have.
Just Stop and Start. Because you deserve to be free from that kind of thinking. Because Someone loves you not just three thousand. He loves you with His blood as a price for your life. He loves you forever. So, stop and start. 😊❤️