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When the first time I met you, honestly I haven’t feel anything at all. You were just a plain someone. I haven’t had any idea about you. My templates were purely blanksheets not until I dug into more details.
At first, I found you so nice, even good looking as I observed you. Days have passed, I found that little spark of connection between you and me. That connection has grown and our indifferences vanished.
I didn’t know how you got me that quick. Or it’s just so natural in me to build and give relationships as easy as it can be. I never doubted your intentions and your frankness at all. I was just so confident to believe that every single thing you say were pure and true.
Not until that day when every things between you and me has changed. All those sweet, flowery words that came out of you slowly disappeared. Those gesture of yours suddenly has been invalidated. Then, I’ve found out that every single thing was just part of your game.
I’ve almost, almost found myself drowning in the pool of your foolishness. Luckily, I have came out of that pool like nothing has happened. But as I have realized, I became a little stupid for hoping that all those things were just a dream. I honestly hope that you’ll talk to me and say that I don’t have to worry because every thing is fine.
But no, I came to the point of asking and questioning myself on what did I do wrong to deserve this kind of treatment from you. I even asked my friends if there’s something wrong with me. I even disclosed my situation and tried to convinced them, and let me give you a chance to explain. But you never did.
I’m so stupid to let my emotions almost drown me. To almost stuck myself to the pleasure of your existence. I’ve almost lost the idea of me having valued my self worth.
I just thank God and myself that I’m awaken by this nightmare. So now, as I am standing still. Please be aware that all my acts were genuine even before we started. And now, if you feel that I became aloof with your existence, please know that I just realized what I should’ve done with you letting me become the person that I am today.

At the end of this letter, I just want you to know that I am rooting for your happiness and no piece of hate has ever been roaming around my heart, my soul and my knowledge. Wishing you all the best.

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