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In the intricate tapestry of life, the question of how we navigate our existence often leads us to seek purpose and inspiration. As a young adult on a journey of exploration and discovery, I’ve encountered numerous pieces of advice emphasizing the significance of a purpose-driven life. The idea is to discern one’s reason for being, strive earnestly to fulfill a designated role, and ultimately, make a positive impact on others.

I wholeheartedly embraced this philosophy, and indeed, it provided me with a profound sense of purpose. My life became a mosaic of meaningful endeavors, and my self-worth became intertwined with my abilities and contributions. Satisfaction was derived from the awareness of being needed, making a tangible impact on the world around me.

However, as time unfolded, the pursuit of a purpose-driven life encountered its limitations. The joy derived from accomplishments became fleeting, and a sense of emptiness crept in after each milestone. It felt as if I had reached the culmination of my purpose, leaving me pondering the daunting question of “what’s next?”

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In the midst of this existential crisis, wearied by the relentless pursuit of faith goals, I found solace in surrender. Today, as I wake up, I relinquish all to Him. In this moment of surrender, a profound realization dawns upon me—the essence of living is not solely rooted in a purpose-driven existence. Instead, God beckons me to embrace a love-driven life.

No longer am I called to awaken each day consumed by the tasks and accomplishments for Him. Instead, my purpose lies in waking up and simply loving Him. Every task is transformed into an act of love, devoid of the burdensome weight of expectations and results. It is an invitation to live not for the sake of accomplishment but for the profound love that connects me to my Creator.

In conclusion, my journey from a purpose-driven to a love-driven life has been transformative. It is a reminder that the heartbeat of existence is found in love—an enduring, unconditional love that transcends the need for constant achievement. As I navigate life with this newfound perspective, every day becomes a celebration of love, and my purpose is beautifully intertwined with the act of loving the One who created me.

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