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Advice for women that I want to share. Mga bagay na pina practice ko as a single woman. Baka makatulong especially to young women who don’t see their worth.

1. Wait for the man God has for you not someone you want for yourself. God knows best! He is the BEST matchmaker. Kasi pag mali yang pinili mo nakow ikaw mag sa-suffer, or maging single mom ka. Meron ako kakilala na nadepressed at nabaliw talaga siya dahil sa lalakeng pinili.. You are just harming your mental health and risking your future. Pipili ka na lang, yung best na!

2. Never ever MAKE SUKO the “Bataan”. That’s one way to know if he is true to you or just for sex. Have boundaries. I even want my first lip kiss at the altar. Wag marupok. You are meant to be pursued. Don’t be a pursuer ghorl or else you are downgrading your VALUE. Ang para sa asawa ay sa asawa ang bf ay bf pa lang. Having boundaries can help you filter the true and fake ones. It helps avoid heartbreaks.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

3. Don’t be pressured kung wala pa kahit like me na 30 na. Hindi mo naman talaga mapipilit eh kung wala ka feelings.

4. You can write down what you want in a guy. Pray for it and wait. While you wait, you trust and you work on yourself too! Have standards pero wag intergalactic ok? Hehe.

5. Kung ginhost ka, wag mo na habulin. No reply is a reply. Wag desperada. If he wants, he would. Never assume.

6. If you see RED FLAGS (major ones), run! Marriage doesn’t/won’t change someone, just worsens the person. If may gut feeling ka na something is off, be mindful and investigate (NBI ako eh) rather than jumping to conclusions. Pero usually gut feeling is bulleyes tama talaga.

7. Wag always be available for the guy. Compose yourself kahit atat kana mag reply and wag reply ng reply agad. Have your own life and get busy. Para i-pursue ka nya. Never get too attached agad. Don’t be too accessible, set healthy limits.

8. If alam mo na may gf/asawa at nag flirt sa inyu, isumbong nyo. Ako I always do that. Can you be happy while someone is crying at di alam ginagawa ng bf/asawa nila? Do you think di din ng lalake gawin yan sayo? What he did to the woman gagawin nya din yan sayo if naging kayo man. Wag ka consintidor babae ka din.

9. ALWAYS ASK GOD’S CONFIRMATION kung siya na. Our heart is deceiving, don’t always follow your heart. Yung akala mo siya na, na wow mali ka pala haha! Di porket nag pakita motibo siya na kahit “christian” pa yan. Test the character.

10. Mas better pag kino court ka sa bahay. Listen also to people around you. Minsan kasi pag inlove tayo nabubulag tayo kahit red flag na sige pa din. Yung mga tao sa paligid natin especially our parents ang maka kita ng red flags.

11. In a world quick to judge and define worth, remember that your true value is firmly rooted in the love of Christ. You are not defined by your past, your challenges, or the views of others, but by the steadfast love and grace of Jesus. His affection for you goes beyond achievements and appearances; you are cherished and valued for simply being you, a unique creation of God.

When self-doubt or societal pressures cloud your sense of worth, turn to the profound truth of the Gospel. The cross is the ultimate testament to your value in the eyes of Christ, who gave everything for your sake. In Him, you find an unshakeable identity and an everlasting worth. You are more than enough in His eyes, a precious child of God, called to walk confidently in the abundance of His unwavering love.

Love from your Mare,

Kristiani and BW

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