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he came to my life where in i was at my worst

scattered into pieces, damaged

he brought back the life that has been snatched from me of the last person i loved

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

that day, i was so happy. 

he made me felt how to be alive again i was brimming with something that seems i finally felt that one thing i ever wished for – life

days turned into weeks and months

we were happy (i guess) but all of a sudden something shifted like the bright sunny day snapped into a gloomy sunday

i remember whenever things gets dark you were there smiling at me and suddenly my world starts to revolve again

but now you were the hurricane that keeps on wrecking everything 

i start questioning myself, what happened to us? 

i stopped singing our lullabies, now all i can do is to cry my self out till i get tired

i wish i could turn back time and go back to where everything was perfect and all right and get stuck 

but i cant, i know we cant

and theres nothing we can do anything ‘bout it

now, what i just want is to stop everything that hurts 

even for just a day

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