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How can be someone who is so sure about you suddenly had a changed of heart?

It was a cold Saturday evening when I saw your story, posting your picture alone but the caption says a lot.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I don’t want to be paranoid, but I felt like I was devastated, not because of your story but because of your promise way back before.

It was a year ago when you said that you’ll gonna wait for me until I am healed.

You said that you’ll not gonna love someone else because you, too, are healing.

But I guess, life changes and so is your heart. Siguro nga okay kana ngayon, kasi nagmamahal kana ulit.


I never knew what being heartbroken looks like and how painful it is until I am seeing myself surrendering to the Lord every pieces of my heart and asking him to heal me.

And that was the time na sinabi kong okay, gets kona.


I messaged you to clarify things out but there’s no reply from you, and I guess, it’s still a reply.


I am now wishing your mental stability and sana, even if wala kang pasabi na wini-withdraw mo na yung mga pangako mo, maging MASAYA ka parin parati.

I get it. I get life. Pero sana nagsabi ka man lang.

Kakain parin ako sa paborito nating tambayan, masaya parin kapag MCDO 😂


Kaya kayo (mga cactus),  huwag na huwag kayong mangangako kung di niyo naman tutuparin.

Maging straightforward kayo kung gusto niyo or ayaw niyo na para pareho kayong malaya.

Masakit na ang mundo, sana huwag niyo ng dagdagan pa dahil nakaka manhid na.





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