We met in between the shadow  of the yesterday and the sunshine of tomorrow, between the goodmorning-goodbye kiss of the Sun to the Moon, between the light rays of the giant radiant star to the shadows of the rushing clouds above our heads, between the memory of the painful past and the remembrance of our long sweet, lovely days, between the dilemma of loving you or forgetting you, both for me and you. But I must let you go, because loving you still, means pain at its extremities, and forgetting you feels the same way, other than it will set me free, hoping it will.

It was so sudden, so fast. But I wish it lasted like a summer solstice where the Sun kisses everything under it longer than how it used to, where beautiful days stay longer than the darkest times from a 24-hour cut-and-dry everyday routine. It was so beautiful and wonderful, but I guess, that’s how reality goes, that’s how all beautiful things end, devoured and eaten by the shadows of darkness-that no matter how beautiful it is, how amazing it looks, at the end, the power of darkness will consume it all, making us believe that everything beautiful can be consumed by darkness, like you.

You were once the content of my prayers but now you are inside my nightmares. You were once my piece of fairy tale in this world full of reality but now, you became my reality, just like the rest. You were once my love, my source of joy, my happiness and all of its kind, but now you are my my eternal pain, my everlasting source of regrets. Darkness has consumed you as well, and now nothing beautiful has remained in me. Now, I am full of darkness, I am consumed by darkness too.

You are still steadfast as how you used to be since the first day we met, nothing more significant from you has changed, you didn’t, I did.

It was short and fast, quick and abrupt, but my love will remain as steadfast as you, my Love….