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So an Anon asked me sa Curious cat

“your first rule if ever you get into Relationship?”

I answered, “anong rule? hahahaha

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

i dont make rules jinowa kita para suportahan hindi para pagbawalan”

which I think is wonderful.

First of all may kanya kanya kayong buhay before you met each other.

Nakilala mo sya na mahilig gumala with her friends, mahilig magnight out with her family or always kasama best friend nya and then nakilala ka nya mahilig mag ML, sports or laging may ganap every weekends.

So why do you have to limit o pagbawalan ang isa’t isa just because you two are in a relationship na?

always remember, Relationship always works on two ways, not one but two Hearts supporting each other and pushing each other to be the best version of yourselves. Hindi porket naging magjowa kayo, you now have the right to limit what the other one is doing.

You two get into Relationship to support each other not to forbid or limit each other. If you want to have a healthy and non toxic Relationship, know your limit.

Get into Relationship pag ready ka na mag commit, hindi para mangulit at higit sa lahat hindi para mang gamit.

Know your boundaries and respect each other’s privacy.

Love isn’t enough para buhayin ang Relationship.

Trust, Love and communication should be equal.

God gave us a partner to support and push each other to the best version of ourselves, not a prisoner to limit and hold them grounded forever.

Remember once you commit into Relationship, you should know how to limit things you used to do when you’re single. Value each other’s time and not take it for granted. Learn how to respect each others perspective and respond accordingly.

To my future, what ever you want to do or whatever your passion is, keep doing it.

I’ll be here to support you and not to clip your wings.

Do your stuff, I’ll do mine.

Go out with your friends, I dont mind.

But please don’t let your phone’s battery die.

I still want to know if you’re safe and fine.

Respect, Communication, Trust and Love is the key and ofcourse make God as your Center

kung gusto nyong mag grow with each other

Reach your dreams together

that’s the key to a happily ever after.

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