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As each days goes by,
My love for you’s touching the sky.
Because of that I feel so high,
Just like spreading pollens like a butterfly.

You’re like a sunflower in a field of roses,
That brighten ups my day like a sun that peaks.
You know my favorite color’s yellow,
Just like you, I’m choosing you even if there are other colors in the rainbow.

That’s why you’re like a sunflower,
Because you’re my dearest for me,
Even if I’m just one in your long list of followers,
Atleast, you’re my favorite person to me.

As days passes by,
My heart flutters like bee wings,
That buzzes your name in my mind in each flaps.
It engraves into my unwavering heart,
And make it ticks in a clock.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Hey you! I love you,
Those are the words I always want to tell you,
Even if your favorite’s purple like some colors of the setting sun,
I’ll be your world’s yellow in your life like a rising sun.

The sun is for the light,
The moon is for the night,
The stars are for supporting the moon to make the night bright,
But you is for the rest of my life.

And will be.
To my very own sunflower,
From your pollen bee.

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