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Dont be on a toxic relationship, 

Dont love a guy where he is NOT proud and CANT tell or show to any other girl that you’re his girlfriend,

Dont love a guy who CAN’T stand as a man, when girls are tryin to flirt him,

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Dont love a guy who’s DOESN’T know the word RESPECT in your relationship ,

Dont love a guy who is NOT afraid to loss you and can easily let go of you despite your eagerness to fight for him,

Dont love a guy who will treat you so bad and SHOW you THAT LOVE DOESNT EXIST when ANGER strikes,

Dont love a guy who’s ego/pride is more important than his love for you …

And Dont love a guy that will just ignore you when you’re away and love you when he needs to fuck….

When you already offer the honest purest and unconditional love that you can give, and he never appreciate it or recognized it. Think hundred times if  you were going to let your love go and think that he is your lesson learned and biggest mistakes, or continue to love him, with a fear living inside your heart that he can let you go anytime?

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