He is in Control!


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This year, highlights all the events that we never thought of coming. It may be occurrences that triggered exhaustion and downfall to everyone. It is indeed the period where everyone has to reset their routines and take extensive adjustments to the “new normal” pattern of the world.

I count myself as one of those people, for I personally gone through a lot of ventures that extended to a faulty mental and emotional health. As well as to crisis that I have never thought of facing. But despite all that, it also was the moment where I had to get myself back on track and live my life productively, in spite of the difficulties encountered. I remember when I was at my room feeling anxious and having this heavy feeling that made me disconnect from the world for a while to reconnect myself with God and surrender all my cares and burdens unto Him instead, for He alone gives the exact peace I wanted right from the beginning. And from that moment on, different perspectives took place in both my mind and my heart. It paved way for my spirituality to be superior than the others. And that, is where I have decided to position myself in the Lord and know that He is in control of my life, my plans and my future.

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God knows us more than we know ourselves. He knows how to transform our fearful hearts into a blossomed one, full of His love and care for us. And that’s what makes Him God. From what I encountered, I saw and felt the light of the Lord moving in my life, realizing that He’s stretching me out to things that would build a firm foundation on me and that would also glorify His kingdom.

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